Given today's constant threat of terrorist activities, securing the global supply chain is essential to protect international trade and the global economy. All entities participating in the global supply chain have an obligation to ensure that their role in completing international transactions is executed with acceptable individuals, partners, companies and organizations. The Restricted Parties Screening Tool (RPST) will enable your organization to conduct a level of due diligence to ensure that any party to a transaction is properly screened against parties placed on denied parties or illegal transshipment lists, blocked from import or export transactions, or sanctioned by a government for illegal acts such as international terrorism or weapons proliferation.

The RPST provides you with the capability to conduct and document screenings against a number of official lists. Use "Single Screen" to search for a single person or company by name or address. Use "Transaction Screen" to enter all parties to a transaction. You can also access government lists directly using "Link to the Lists". To learn about proper screening methodology, click "Introduction".