Batch Processing

Upload a CSV file for batch processing:

Batch processing will accept only a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. This file can be created using most spreadsheet applications (e.g. Excel). To create a CSV file in Excel, use the "Save As" feature, and select the ".csv" format. The file must be formatted as follows:

  • Do not include headers
  • The column order must be: Transaction ID, Name, Nationality, Address, Country
  • Every row should contain data for each column, even if the value is null
  • Any entries that contain commas, such as addresses, must be contained within quotes (" ").
  • When using the Country field, use the ISO Country Code, not the country name

Below is a sample of the proper format:

1,"alex, goh",US,"1113 Beach Street, Arlington, VA",US
2,Jean Paul,UK,22 RUE DU 11 NOVEMBER 1918 PANTIN,FR

While individual search results will display separately, searches with the same transaction ID will be grouped together in the report.

CakePHP 3.7.2